A home inspector could save you tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, we know a homebuyer that could have seriously benefitted from one recently.

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It seems like every other client we have asks us whether a home inspection is important. The short answer is that yes, it is. Here is a prime example why.

A good friend of ours bought a beautiful home up in Northern Utah and decided to jump over the home inspection to save a few hundred bucks. Six months after they moved in, the pipes in their basement backed up and caused the lower level to flood unexpectedly.

A home inspection is always worth the investment.

They thought they got it fixed, but then it happened a second time. The repairs ended up costing them $15,000. If they would have had the $500 home inspection up front, they would have uncovered this issue and been able to get it fixed before they bought the home.

We all like to think we’re experts when looking at a home, but the fact is that you can’t catch everything if you’re not a home inspector. It pays to pay a professional to come out and have a look to protect what is probably the biggest investment of your life.

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